Disgraced NBA superstar Jay “J Train” Tyrell has lost everything. After being arrested at the Red Roof Inn with drugs, guns, and transvestite prostitutes, his career and life are on the outs. Suspended from the NBA, Jay has become the poster child for the overpaid, prima donna professional athlete. Enter Nick Foster, a sober companion to the stars. He’s hired by Jay’s agents to keep him out of trouble and get him back on track. Most days consist of AA meetings, working out, and daily visits to Jay’s many girlfriends. However, today is 24 hours before Jay’s big court hearing and things are starting to heat up. Will Jay keep his nose clean or will he be derailed by lady drama, his ego, and the glare of the unforgiving spotlight? Nick is Jay’s last line of defense between relapse and redemption.

Director: Matt Ferrucci
Starring: Michael Marc Friedman, Ray Stoney, Kareem Grimes, Lauren Compton